Needs Analysis Results (Work Package 2)

The overall objective of the SPEACH project needs analysis (work package 2, WP2) was to gather input on the needs and wishes of selected target groups within the field of physical education (PE) and Sport Coaching. This was done through a three-step approach: 2

  • a digital survey resulting in 660 student respondents from 7 European countries
  • 14 interviews with key experts out of the Sport Coaching and PE sectors, one from each sector from each country
  • a focus group with international experts was formed in Rome during the ENSSEE Forum 2015

Looking across the stated needs, wishes and opinions, the following HEPA content areas are deemed most important and relevant:

  • Changing behaviour,
  • personal leadership,
  • physical activity for special target groups,
  • health policy,
  • testing & prescription and
  • nutrition.

Concerning learning approaches and/or methods, respondents state that these should be a combination of:

  • Practice oriented learning,
  • training-, group- and classroom based learning,
  • internship and
  • involving/reflective learning.

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