Intensive Programme: 6-10 February 2017

International week SPEACH project
Groningen – The Netherlands


Be there!!!

Groningen, Oct 26th 2016


Dear student,

Would you like to

  • Meet fellow sport students from Portugal, England, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium and Holland?
  • Take part in and be part of the development of a new European program about ‘Sport, Physical Education And Coaching in Health (SPEACH)?
  • Getting lectures of foreign lecturers/professors?
  • Getting to know Groningen, an old university town in the northern part of Holland?
  • Maybe thinking about doing an Erasmus program later on and experience what it is to study abroad?


Then you are very welcome to join us in the international week that will take place in Groningen from Feb. 6th– Feb. 10th 2017 at the Willem Alexander Sport building, Zernikeplein 17, 9747AS Groningen.


What is SPEACH?

The main purpose of this European project is to enhance consciousness and change the behaviour of European citizens towards an active and healthy lifestyle by promoting Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA).  Because physical inactivity is an international problem, 6 European countries (see international partners here) support the project. As you are becoming professionals in this field, it might be interesting to know and take part in recent developments concerning this topic.  At the moment 5 modules are developed to train future professionals (like you) to deal with this challenge.


During the international week 3 of these modules will be offered. The modules are:

1: “Designing educational sport environments for children with special needs

2: “Development of a family-based HEPA project in the school/sport club context

3: “Promoting health enhancing physical activity among children and youth


We need you to know if the modules we developed so far reach the goal mentioned above, so are you willing to help us testing the modules?


What will you experience by participating?

Your participation will consist of attending an intensive week of studies where you will have about 20 contact hours during daytime. In addition, there is an expectation that you will prepare for these sessions by completing some tasks such as reading literature. After the week, you are required to contribute to the evaluation so that with your feedback we can improve the modules.  After completing the whole programme you will receive a signed certificate of attendance.

During the week a fantastic social program will be offered like eating together, doing (sport-) activities, exploring student life in Groningen etc…


What are the costs?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are for free (except drinks).

Accommodation: please contact your university about this. Couch surfing is offered for free, but maybe your university offers you the possibility to participate on their costs. Travel costs: please contact your university as well.

What do you need to do to take part and how to apply?

To be able to take part you need a sufficient level of the English language.  Please contact your university if you are not sure.

When you are interested to take part, please fill in the registration form that can be found here. Make sure to contact your university’s contact person for this project. You can mention you preferred module on this form, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we are able to realize this. Your application needs to arrive before Dec. 15th, 12.00 AM.

We offer about 30 places for international students (coming from 5 universities in Denmark, Belgium, England, Portugal and Lithuania). Placement will be done by lottery if over 30 students register to have an equal balance in the participating Universities.


A quick look at the Willem Alexander Sport Complex


Please contact:

Your university’s contact person, as can be found under the partner information.



We hope to be able to see many of you!


Kind regards on behalf of the organisation committee


Jacqueline Selker and Ans Kremer

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen,