The SPEACH handbook is to be used by professionals working in sports context, like physical education teachers and sports coaches. It contains 5 modules that are related to Health Enhancing Physical Activities (HEPA). Each module focuses on specific themes and target groups (e.g. policy, leadership, wearable technology, adults, youth, children with special needs).

Practical and systematic

All modules are developed around a practical challenge and are described in a systematic way:
1. a description of the issue (an overall description of ‘what’s going on’ regarding the topics of this specific module). Then there is a description of a setting: you are introduced in a (fictive) setting related to this module and which challenges to act!
2. schematically, containing for example information on learning outcomes, competences, didactical methods, study assignments and literature.


The main description of the modules is on the bachelor level. However, there are suggestions theoretically and practically (e.g. on learning outcomes) that make them applicable for vocational and master level as well. In the modules, reference to EQF level has been made. In the module description vocational refers to level 4-5, bachelor to level 6 and master level 7, respectively. Finally, ECTS refers to study load and 1 credit indicates a study load of 25 hours (e.g., lectures, workshops, internship, self-study, worktime et cetera).
Each module can be applied in the best possible way (partially or as a whole) within a curriculum or trainers course.


Whenever using the modules you’re invited to help measuring the impact of the SPEACH project. You are therefore asked to register and answer a few questions.

Enjoy working with the SPEACH project modules!