Sedentary Behaviour

Change models

Daily life


City council

As a starting sports professional, you are aware that physical activity is health-enhancing. But how do we bring about a behaviour in which physical activity is part of everyday life? Even better: physical activity choices must be integrated in our daily lives in ways that make them easy, natural and desirable choices.

Of course, there is a reason for this challenge: recent evidence suggests that both a high level of sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity in general have a negative impact on health, independent of other factors such as body weight, smoking behaviour and diet. This is about to become a big threat to public health.

In this course, we will focus on ways to change behaviour towards health-enhancing physical activity. You will participate in a case in which you are asked by a city council to develop a plan and pitch different strategies to reduce the number of inhabitants who are physically inactive in your town. 
We will challenge your knowledge and skills regarding behavioural change models and the practical implications of different approaches. Furthermore, this casework will have an impact on multidisciplinary competences, such as communication/presenting ideas to stakeholders, gaining knowledge by doing desk research and translating the research findings into practical programmes.