Walking sports


Wearable technology


Personal goal setting

Most adults in the age range of 40-59 face the challenge of juggling work and family life and commitments, with little time for physical activity and exercise.

In this course, we will focus on how a sports coach or PE teacher (who also focuses on this specific target group) can support an individual to understand the ongoing changes of the human body at this phase in life, such as the impact of nutrition and a slowdown in the metabolic rate. 

You will learn about the typical changes that the human body undergoes in adulthood and you are challenged to help individuals make informed choices to address nutritional and weight-related problems and diseases. What programmes informed by nutritional and physical activity research would you, as a PE teacher or coach, be able to offer as a service in an organised setting or through an enterprise? How can you support an individual to engage with health-enhancing physical activities (HEPA)? How can wearable technology help people monitor HEPA?

For the case featured in this course, you have been tasked by either your national professional association for PE teachers or the governing body for sports coaches to develop a HEPA programme for a new client group: adults in the age range of 40-59.