Children and youth

Influencing policy


Positive health

Municipal level

Physical inactivity among children and young people is a real and growing health problem. Various methods and interventions have been proven effective in relation to promoting health-enhancing physical activity and/or prevent inactivity in relation to the youngest members of society.

Physical inactivity in children and young people is a damaging health behaviour that can be dealt with. The ideal is to provide all citizens – including children and young people – with equal opportunities and conditions to influence the factors that determine their health and well-being.

Although there are increasing calls across policy areas for interventions to help protect public health and promote positive health behaviours in relation to, for instance, physical activity, there is not a strong history of collaboration between key stakeholders.

During this course, you as a (future) sports professional will be challenged to bring the issue of physical activity to a political level in order to act on the growing health problem in children and young people. You will be working on a fictitious case (either individually or as a team) to head up a Working Group (WG) of experts, special advisors and civil servants tasked with putting together a catalogue of policies to promote active living and, more generally, health-enhancing physical activities, at the municipal level. You will be analysing relevant information and developing a framework for action.