Special social and emotional needs

Handling aberrant behavior

Specific disorders

Powerful educational environments

Every child has the right to enjoy sports. Sports and physical activity in general should be accessible for all children, because they lead to a number of HEPA-related outcomes (e.g. positive impact on physical health, future participation in sports) and improved school performance.

On a more individual and personal level, it can be stated that for each child there is great value in the pure enjoyment of playing sports, the achievement of scoring a goal or crossing the finish line, but also the enjoyment of teamwork. Of course, these values also apply to children with special social and emotional needs. Whether playing team sports, enjoying an athletic activity geared for individuals or participating successfully in PE lessons, these children can benefit from active pursuits as well.

As children with special needs nowadays participate within regular communities, such as school classes and sports clubs, there is a challenge to support sports coaches as well as PE teachers to handle aberrant behaviour effectively and thereby strengthen physical and sports activities habits among this target group.

During this module, you will learn about the characteristics, backgrounds and treatments of a number of specific disorders, such as ADHD, PDD-NOS and ASD. Furthermore, you as a sports or PE professional will be challenged to use this input to create powerful educational environments that focus on inclusion and positive sports experiences.