The Netherlands Olympic Committee * Netherlands Sports Confederations (NOC*NSF) is the umbrella body for organized sports in the Netherlands. The 95 member organizations, including 76 sport federations, account for around 27,700 sport clubs with almost 6 million members, who make up almost a third of the Dutch population. NOC*NSF is funded partly by the government, partly by national lottery and partly from own funding (for example through sponsorship).

The organization is responsible for  sending sportsmen en women to represent the Netherlands at the Olympic and Paralympic games; NOC*NSF is the sparring partner for government in relation to sport and implements central governments sports policy.  NOC*NSF counts about 160 employees.

Every four years the organized sports formulate a strategic plan. This ‘Sports Agenda’ accounts for the whole of the organized sports sector in the Netherlands. At the moment the two main objectives are: 1. Ranking among the top 10 best elite sports performing countries in the world; 2. Increasing sports participation in the Netherlands with a minimal of 10 percent in the next 5 years. To reach these goals the national sports federations started many projects under the umbrella of NOC*NSF  on several subjects. A “lifetime of sports” is the guided principle. This is based on the on the acknowledgement of the diversity in participants in the different sports